"The Swingin´ Bluebirds" founded themselves in 1989. In 1992, when they increased to an orchestra of ten musicians, they found their special style. Ever since they have been playing at many events all over Germany, e. g. at the Jazz Gala Bremen, Int. Jazz Festival am Funkturm in Berlin, Jazztage in Saalfeld, Int. Jazzfestival Hildesheim and Stuttgart, Rheingau Music Festival Riverboot Shuffle, Jazzfestival in Mühlheim…at the Dresden Film Ball and of course at the International Dixieland Festival in Dresden. Moreover, the "Swingin´ Bluebirds" participated in international festivals and competitions in Austria (Jazzclub Klagenfurth 1995, International Representation of Cities Salzburg 1996), the Netherlands (Jazzfestival - Breda 1995 4th prize), France ("Louis Armstrong Jazzfestival" - Le Havre 1998, 2nd prize und 2000,1st prize), Poland (Festival "Golden Washboard" - Ilawa ), Denmark (Jazzfestival Silkeborg ) and England ("Whitley Bay Jazzfestival" - New Castle ).In April 2009, on the occasion of their 20th anniversary, the band organized a jubilee concert in Dresden´s "Gare De La Lune".