With plume boas and cigarette-holders tastefully decorated ladies in company with gentlemen who are dressed in exclusive custom-made suits, long coats and gaiters. They are flocking into the Cotton Club. Unimpressed by the present dubious guys, scantily dressed girls in the spotlight are tap-dancing to Charlston-rhythms, while the “High Society” has a good time under cover of the half-light. Champagne from heating pipes, whiskey from walking sticks - the Prohibition could not prevent the “Big Business” with alcohol.

“Hands up, ladies and gentlemen!…” Police raid?!… however no rubber truncheons but the sparkling barrels of Al Capone´s notorious gang are pointing at the well-to-do guests. While my men are gathering the collection, the guys of the band play my favorite song "Sweet and Hot". Nowadays the trade with alcohol is legal, Al Capone is a legend and a dancing orchestra in the style of the 20/30s has distinct value. Such a rarity are “The Swingin´Bluebirds” from Dresden. The original sound of the Roaring Twenties, sometimes charming, sometimes bitchy, the sound of the early Thirties, if sweet or hot: When the Bluebirds present this fascinating music, they make the air vibrate. The band´s repertoire comprises mainly arrangements of Fletcher Henderson, Joe “King” Oliver, Duke Ellington, the McKinneys Cotton Pickers, the Mills Blue Rhythm Band as well as many less popular orchestras, whose performances already enchanted the audience 70 years ago.